Back to Sea

It does not take long to re adapt to the rhythm of Watches and life on board. As long as you are not going upwind! We had some strong gusts in the 30's passing in the Acceleration Zone between and South of Tahiti and Moorea. But by end of the day it was down in the 20s with a more regular sea. But in these conditions we do roll. So Today we are about 1/2 way there.

Photo by Richard Smith

Photo by Richard Smith

Marina Tania

We are moored on the West side of Tahiti. Just out of town. We have been back a few weeks and in a detailing mode for the last weeks. Been a very busy last few months with lots of guests and friends onboard. We are off Next week to Aitutaki for another guest cruise. Should be spectacular..It is 600nm West of where we are sitting and slightly off the rhumb line to Tonga a further 600nm downwind. However we are not going there, sadly. 


Raiatea Motu

We left Huahine behind, for now. and Rosehearty set sail for Raiatea. The Winds were good to start with at 15-18kts from the NE so all sail set off we went at a nice 10 - 11 knots. However after a few hours it lightened and the sails started to slat. So we put them away. We headed by motor through the pass in to the lagoon and round Raiatea to the West side where we anchored off this lovely Motu. Snorkeling, wake boarding and relaxing.

Photos by Lenka..


Off We Go!

The Day Dawned in Papeete nice and bright but cool. the Cold front had moved on luckily and the rain with it!! our New Guests arrived at the airport on time and we got back to the boat for breakfast. Pilot boarded at the dock and we set off for Opunohu Bay a mere 22nm away. The weather was stiff with a 35kt wind with gusts in to the 40's and the swell and sea state about 3.5-4m However, it was on the beam so with the staysail out it was quick. We got in to Anchor at Opunohu and surprisingly there was still a strong Katabatic wind in the 30's . All the way down the end of the bay We went and dropped 2 anchors. Lunch, Some swimming and Sea bobbing  along with a very muddy hike to the ridge overlooking  The Bay. the views however were stunning.


And So to Bora Bora

We had quite a Rolly trip over to Bora Bora but the entrance pass was kind and entrance to the lagoon was made Against a 6 knot outgoing tide..So motoring at 14kts we were doing 8kts over the bottom.. We anchored in the SE corner under the mountain.  Over the next 24 hours we Shopped, Dived toured the island by boat Swam with Manta rays and Ate. We went to a terrific Villa for dinner . Amazing views, with a special private Polynesian dance and Fire dance show. Very special way to spend the last evening with our friends. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and we bid our new friends goodbye early this morning at the airport. However we have new friends coming to visit us next week and We can not wait to show them our old haunts and some new ones we have found. It is sure to be a lot of fun..