Newport Ship Yard, Rhode Island

The preparations for the upcoming Adventure to the North West Passage and beyond are well underway. Rosehearty is in Newport Shipyard.

Maintenance for now and the future is well under way as well as preparing the boat for a different environment she was intended for.

We are checking and servicing everything that we can. We have added a couple of new tenders to help offset not having the 45’ Wally. These are a 21” Zodiac with 2 x 70hp Yamahas and a 14’ Zodiac inflateable with a 40hp Tiller steered Yamaha outboard. We are working on the storage issues for these 2 boats.

We are upgrading electronics and giving the boat some redundancy in Communications by adding an Iridium Pilot and a SSB radio. For sure communications

for the next 2 months up north will be a challenge. All Phones and personal devices will be off for the duration due to limited and costly Bandwidth restrictions in these remote areas.

—  Captain David Hutchison, Master