New York and the Famous Statue

We pushed on North in the Gulf Stream, At times reaching 17 knots. We were in a race against a Cold Front to Cape Hatteras..We lost… but not by much. 25-30knots of wind against an adverse current of 3 knots in shallow water is not where you want to be. The sea state when we rounded had not had a chance to build to much and we kept up a good speed. The further North we went the better it got. After a rough 12 hours we headed on towards Ambrose Light. Our Pilot boarded there yesterday at 1500 for our run in to NY. The weather was bright and the Sun was out on approach to our berth. Very happy to be alongside after 2400nm in 8 days. All in all a good run. We are even happier today as there is a gale blowing outside and it would be miserable out there to say the least.


Panama to New York

We Had a very good Transit through the Panama canal and refueled and re provisioned in
Shelter Bay at the North end.

Rosehearty left on the 5th June headed for New York's City where We plan to watch some GP50 Racing on the Hudson. We chose to head off the wind and around the West end of Cuba rather than the aptly named Windward passage Between Cuba and Haiti. This route is longer but it is in favorable current that helps a lot.

We are currently off Palm Beach Florida having rounded Cape San Antonio on Saturday Morning. We have 3 knots of current pushing us North.. It looks like We might, however need to wait off Beaufort NC for a frontal passage to get better conditions to round Cape Hatteras.

Photo by John Shears

Photo by John Shears

Bridge of the Americas

Bridge of the Americas

Lovely afternoon here in Panama City as we await our transit pilot. In the background there is the BoA which we are only allowed to pass under at certain times due to the height of our mast at 60m or 200' The Panama Canal is an amazing transit though, even after the 4th time this year, it keeps your attention and we should be in the Caribbean tomorrow Monday at 0300. We leave for NYC on Wednesday! Go go go....

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Last night in the Pacific

Always great to be in the Pacific. Sadly it was short and sweet and now at an end. After our re delivery back up from the Galapagos which was pretty easy with a SW wind behind us and fairly smooth seas We have spent 3 days alongside here in Flamenco Marina. Nice to catch up on some great restaurants and have a bit of time on dry land to look around. tomorrow back through the Panama Canal at 1730 getting to the Caribbean at 0230 on Monday Morning. 4th time this year but always a challenge..

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Harbour View

In the photo there is Rosehearty...A Pelican on the pole, an Iguana on the dock and red crabs everywhere.

It looks calm out to sea where we are anchored but it is quite rolly with a 6’ or 2m sea rolling us around.

However apart from that this Year the weather has been fantastic, No Rain or Mist and a mix of cloud and Sun And now back to Panama city and the rain 900nm to the NE


A Gentle Sail

We left Puerto Egas this morning and had breakfast while moving around Isla San Salvador.

We set Sail at the east end of the island. The 15 knots hoped for did not materialize but we sailed anyway. 8-10kts of wind and about the same boat speed. Very soothing and relaxing. We all commented why we wait for more wind! After a 3 hour sail We headed in to Anchor at Bartolome. (See the Movie Master and Commander)


Rosehearty Wins Voyager of the Year Award

Three entries were received for the Voyager’s Award: Beluga and Silentworld, which cruised remote islands in the Coral Sea off the Queensland coast of Australia, and the voyage of Rosehearty, which crossed the Drake Passage at the southern tip of South America to Antarctica. The Judges considered all of them adventurous – well beyond the bounds of everyday cruising. After much discussion and a secret ballot it became clear that the Judges favoured the Antarctic cruise that was undertaken by the 56-metre Perini Navi Rosehearty


Plaza and Gordon Rocks

After a quick trip over from Santa Fe to Islas Plaza’s we anchored off the North side of the Island. After another fabulous lunch it was all ashore in the Tender for a nice cliff walk. Plaza has, giant Cactus Trees, Sealions of course, land Iguanas and swallow Tailed Gulls. pure Magic. thanks to Lenka for the Photos and thank you to Mr C Lion, just point a camera at them and they pose! . Plaza is on the Left and Gordon rocks to the East is bathed in the evening sun

Photos by Lenka Senkyrikova

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