We left La Spezia this morning at 1st light. We are all excited to be off again. Weather is fair for now but it looks like a stop in Cartagena to let the Gib straits settle down will be the smart move.

as we do not like 25kts and 3m seas on the nose

The Temperature  is cool out but with the great fly enclosure and a small fan heater we are nice and warm even upon there on watch. The sea routine has started and while quite lumpy seas we are traveling in we all seem to have adapted to the motion.

We need to thank our perini friends for getting us out on time and we are on the schedule we made 5 months ago. so thanks to them all.

Photo by Richard Smith

Photo by Richard Smith

Next Chapter

Morning under way early (0300) Taking us back to Viareggio. We dropped our Lovely Guests off to continue there Italy tour on land. We removed all the sails in 1 day A Huge job. done by a great hard working crew. We parked the boat in the Perini Navi Synchro Lift. Friday we lifted the boat out the water for her Bi annual Maintenance.  After set up it only takes 30 minutes to lift all 500 Tons out the water.. Next we slide the boat sideways towards the camera using rails..


Stormy Weather off the Cinque Terre

We departed La Spezia and headed out around I. Palmaria. we were hoping for some wind to sail but it just looked gloomy. Here the Wally captures the mood of Autumn cruising. But we were dry and it is still warm. in fact the sea is still warm enough to swim after the very hot summer here.

In to Porto Fino in time for Lunch and an afternoon stroll. Cocktails on board and a great dinner in Do Batti that never disappoints. A glass of champagne and off to bed with Dreams of a Beautiful next day..on board Rosehearty

Photo by: Extremerson Carlin. "The weather is looking Frightening"

Photo by: Extremerson Carlin. "The weather is looking Frightening"