Down the Kangerlussauq Fjord

An early start on board today. 0130 Anchor up. But it was still daylight…We headed back out to sea with 5 knots of current underneath us. The trip down the Fjord was quick. At one point the current was 8 knots and the boat speed 8 knots for 16 Knots over the ground.. The scenery was even more beautiful than on arrival as it was lit by the morning sun. You can see the incredible rock formations as different layers have been pushed and folded over each other add the shear majesty and the Ice and waterfalls…. We had a little traffic at the entrance..2 boats. and after negotiating the current and the shoals we headed out into..The Fog.. On with the horn. We have now reached Sisimuit a small town at 69n and 58w Seems like a nice place. So time to Explore..At least to check out the local supermarket..But it is warm.