Ft Ross Depot bay

We arrive at Fort Ross, Depot Bay, Somerset Island. The trip South was a lot more intense than we thought or hoped it would be. 1st off a band of 5/10 Thick 1st year ice showed up where it was not meant to be.. Every time we tried to get on track we would be forced closer to the shore. However after 4 or 5 hours and Just after sunset we got to clear water and could relax. We were about an hour out from Ft ross at around 0100 when suddenly the depth gauge went from 70 meters to 18 to 16 to 12…Well you get the point. We did a hard U turn and traced our way back We then set off on a 5 mile detour around a shallow bank that was not on either the Chart or the Electronic charts. We possibly could have gone through but we opted to go where there were more soundings. However when we did finally anchor it was one of the best Anchorages we have been in. This abandoned Hudson’s Bay Trading Company post has a fascinating if short-lived history well worth Googling.