Halifax Night

We are awaiting departure time, it is a nice quiet evening on board. except the Jazz concert going on next door. A few last minute jobs are being completed and final stores are being loaded. Fire Drills and rescue boat drills conducted. We are watching the weather closely and we will decide tomorrow,Thursday, on the best departure time. Either Friday or Saturday Our route takes us ENE along the Newfoundland coast for 200nm until we turn North at Red Rocks at the East end of Nova Scotia. Past St Paul Rocks and then back to the NE and up the Straights of Belle Isle keeping Newfoundland to Starboard. When we exit in to the Labrador Sea Environmental conditions will determine if can direct Route to Nuuk in Greenland. We may go East 1st to avoid the Ice off the labrador coast. In any event it is 1500 nm and will take us a bit over 5 days and we would hope to be in around the 21st July