58kts on a Black Night

We kept on heading South across the Labrador Sea the wind started to pick up from the NW. We had to push on as hard as we could to get on the top (North Sector) of a new developing Very Nasty Low Pressure. It came up out of nowhere. At least on our charts. We started through the straits with rain squalls and wind into the 30 kts. We noted an Iceberg in the track and passed around it at 17.4 knots as the current was so strong and we needed to be out the straits before the tide turned against us.. We then had the wind keep rising to 58 knots (We actually saw 60!) luckily off the Starboard quarter. This situation kept up for a few hours until it dropped in to the 40s for the next 12 hours. That kept us heading more West than our course warranted. But we were safe if not comfortable.