Kangerlussauq Glacial Effluent

This is NOT discharge from Rosehearty..But Effluvial discharge from a huge Glacier…..

After anchoring at 0200 in broad daylight..Sun went down at 0000 and came up again at 0300..But light all night. We spent a quiet night at Anchor. The current up this fjord runs on and off the mud flats that are the detrius of the Glacier about 6km away. So the effluent that is in the water is considerable, leaving the Engineers worrying about water consumption. We can make 20 tons of water a day …but not here. You can not make water out of Mud.. The weather here today is outstanding 16c. Yet we are North of the Arctic Circle and the Guys and Gals are in T shirts and bare feet..That does not happen often.. As mentioned yesterday the Lower reaches of this Fjord are incredibly beautiful. Dramatic and Wild. Looking forward to the return trip down tomorrow.