Ragged Island Milne Inlet

72.30n 80.00w Air Temp 4c Sea Temp 4c Yesterday was very wet and dreary ..The guests went ashore in Pond for a walk around town and a visit to the Community center where there was a short lecture from an Inuit Parks Canada Ranger on this region. While this was going on the crew re-provisioned the boat from the local COOP. With guests back and the boat fully loaded we headed out for a short trip in clearing weather to Milne Inlet. As it was late in the day we decided to anchor at Ragged Island by the entrance. It was a beautiful evening until the fog rolled in at 0200. Plan to hike today over a ridge to see Narwhales and then move down the inlet this afternoon. That is a ship behind us. an Ice Breaking bulk carrier that takes Iron ore from here straight to Germany from the Mary River Mine