Arrival in Nuuk

Nuuk 64.10n 51.43n 2200 coldddd 6c and Fog.

We arrived this evening in Nuuk. Interesting except we can not see it. The arrival however was..We arrived all the way to the dock in 200m visibility… However here we are. We had planned some great ariel shots on arrival but we ended up dodging Growlers, and the odd Iceberg on the way in. Then to complicate matters a container ship with clearly more mass (size) and experience than us charged past 150m away at 15 knots intent in getting in the harbour first..all while the ship in our berth came out.. However very happy to be here.. a very easy trip North but for the fog..So no more whingeing..So we are sandwiched between a few trawlers of 100m long.. on a working dock (said container ship!) ready to go to bed…but for the 5m tide rise and fall that keeps the watches running all night..And the only photo we got today was this of the crew looking for icebergs..or so they said..