Hamborger Land!

65.00n 52.30w Air Temp 4c sea Temp 3c FOG!

After such a stunning day yesterday in Nuuk where the visibility was 15nm+ we are back to our usual 100m visibility. We left the dock at 0700 and after 3 minutes we saw nothing all the way out. Not even the Ice Growlers that passed a few hundred meters away as we Zig-zagged our way out to sea. We are headed North up the coast a few Hundred miles and then up a Fjord 80nm to where we will spend a day or 2 before retracing our route to the sea.This is area is called Kangerlussaq. From that point it is a 24 hour run to Disko Island and our next port Ilulisat.. As you can see most of the names here are unpronounceable ..Take Paarnaqussuit Qaavat for instance..One place that we are passing that you can see from the chart, is very well known and it must be where the famous dish originated from..We believe if we could see it, there would be Golden Arches and Flame Broiled smoke everywhere. you can even Drive through..