Nuuk 65.10n 51.28w Temp 6c Water temp 6c

So the sun did set..2315 But it did not get dark. After our zero visibility trip in to the Fjord and dodging Ice floes..(imaginary ? as we never really saw them) We awoke to a cool day but with no fog. Overnight we were joined by that “other” sailboat Hetairos a similar sized but green sailboat cruising Greenland coast and the Danish Navy (the Grey ship)..The ship that cut us off in the pass (Red) is also seen here, it is the inside Royal Arctic Line vessel and it must have been on a schedule. He said he always new where we were..As did we with him but 150m for a 150m ship at 15 knots in the fog we felt was a bit tight…. The Town is very interesting due to its complete lack of vegetation. Cute but sparse. The new buildings are clearly from Danish Bureaucracy and designed by committee, not attracitve. The old town on the other side of the peninsula is delightful. Although hard to know why they built on the unprotected side of the peninsula. As you can see this is a working port. A lot of activity all the time. It is hard to know what the locals do when there is 23 hours of darkness in the winter but the people are very friendly. Stopping to talk to the “stranieri” as we walk around.