Louis Vuitton Day 2

Another day of upsets and near misses. However No collisions. We leave the dock at 1000-1100 and head over to the course. We fight for a spot on the course edge and wait until the races start. Lunch on the fly watching the racing with excellent on board insight from Paul Cayard.. He has a blog at Cayard Sailing which gives great detail on the races. However todays upset was Team France winning the Start and holding off Artemis and all the challenges they threw at them. well done Les Blues..

Louis Vuitton Day 1

Wow just Wow..What an amazing event. We are here front and center. We have been in the team bases and seen the boats up and close. One thing after today is no one will have a huge speed advantage over the others. It will take team work form the boatbuilders the coaches everyone. See  www.americascup.com We will post our version of the experience everyday but the real story is on the "other " web site..



So we tied up stern to, Ordinance Island and walked over the Causeway to clear Customs. When you park beside an 88m boat belonging to a certain Mr. Ellison it is prudent not to scratch his anchor.. But that means our anchors had to go around his bow to keep us up to windward on the dock. Nest day it blew 50knots here and we severely tested our Anchors and there placement. It was nice to hide behind Mushashi but out rigs exposed us to the winds and we were heeled over but safe..Might have rubbed his Bulbous Bow a bit...$%&$%&!!

Entrance to St Georges

We arrived off Spit bouy. Ready to go straight in to our spot at the the dock ,Ordinance Island. For Customs clearance and formalities...

However. at sea, it was a busy morning and everything waits for cruise ships here, and when you see the size of them there is a good reason we were asked to wait. 2 in and 1 out..These boats are so big now they can not get into St Georges Harbour. A pity for the town as this was the revenue generator for most people here. However as you can see it is not a big entrance and in an East wind and a big sea, they do close it off to traffic., We did get in to the harbour easily and it was nice to be back.. Had a nice breakwater to tie too also..

Underway on a Grey Day

We Tend to travel under Sail assisted motor when delivering. Many reasons , Schedule, wind direction and Strength. Here we are loping along at 13 knots a day out of Antigua. All is well onboard and work continues while the watch keepers, 2 people on for 4 hours and off for 8 hours, keep a watch rota running. the boat never sleeps. We should be 3 days on this delivery into Bermuda. Where it will soon become very busy..

And On North to Bermuda

We have had nearly a month in Antigua, at the dock in Falmouth Harbor. Lots of work going on the sailing system. Sails off to the loft for repairs (the mainsail is 1.5 tons!) and some big engineering works on the main boom, the feeder system for the mainsail. In between there were nice times with old friends. Interesting to be there when the 30th Classic Yacht Regatta was on as well as all the action of the 50th Antigua sailing week. We have departed now and are headed up to St Georges in Bermuda. Another favorite spot. Americas Cup here we come!!