Finish Line Race 2

We had had a strong breeze day yesterday. A fair start and a 3 then 4 sail reach to the 1st Corner.

We had a good beat but sometimes under powered and some times over..We went to a 2 reef jib

Another bear away and a jib reach to Barrel of Beef before another tighter reach to the top Corner. We had a very good tussle with Meteor to the finish and thanks to Paul skill and judgment   we held them off to take the win.  All to play for today..

Bucket Racing Day 1

We got off to a good start and headed out East in to a freshening Breeze. We stayed upwind of the 56m sloop Baysian until the Jib sheet lashing broke..We switched to the staysail and there was plenty of breeze. We rounded the top of the Island and extended on a 4 sail reach before setting our Big A2 and Mizzen Staysail and set off downwind. After rounding the bottom mark it was a straight reach to the finish where we came 3rd by 42 seconds.  On the Home stretch a big squall came through just as Perseus^3 came past.

Photo by Waldo

Photo by Waldo

And Then something happened!!

RRRRIIIPPPPP not even a bang   #$%^#$!! as Capt Johnno would say. It was a huge job getting it back onboard.. a great job by Team Rosehearty. Why it broke we are not sure. No visible reasons. Maybe a wave...a puff forward or an old unnoticed injury.. Andrew from Doyle unbelievably has stitched it back together. spending all night patching taping and sewing. Today we go out for the 1st race..Wish us luck!!

Beam Reaching on such a Winters Day

Winter is up North but not here today.  After arriving in St Bart's we headed in to the dock to see our old friends in Gustavia Harbour. A quiet evening but next morning Monday was to be out to anchor. and so we went as the swell was up and it is hard inside when the dock lines are heaving and snapping. The weather was soon to turn unpleasant...

photo by Hugo Thomas

photo by Hugo Thomas

Finally Headed North.

Towing the Wally north.. we set of with the Pilot boarding at 0900 in Port Louis.

After departure we hooked up the Waldo to the Tow rope and headed on out up the coast of Grenada, on Past the Grenadines, Past St Vincent, St Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, and finally passed Guadeloupe to Antigua. We had a fair weather window especially as for the last month it has been blowing hard. We had 15 to 18 knots but NE in the passages and less than 10 knots behind the islands. We averaged 11.5 knots as the sea state was about 1.5m