South to St Lucia

Another Day when the Trade Winds are re inforced and wide Awake. Anchor up at 0745. Put the wally on a long tow line. Around 75m and off we go... Seas in the Channel were nasty but luckily on the beam at around 4m (12-13 feet) Wind was gusty but Averaged 28-30 knots with higher gusts. So Strapped down we rolled out the Staysail and Headed SSE to pass to lee of Martinique.

What was great to see, finally, were so many Booby Birds diving around our windward bow chasing the fleeing Flying Fish.. Good Effort.

The second Channel crossing from Martinique to St Lucia was easier and Shorter and the seas were smaller not much but certainly easier.  We got in to Rodney Bay and as it was still windy anchored with the Wally still in tow.. The guys and gals had a tough day. One of the roughest for a while, however we were all smiles to be here. She did get very salty though and needed a hot water and soap wash down.

Thanks for the help Girls....