Palm Island to Chatham Bay

A Big Day...0600 Fishing trip to go catch lunch..Where did the 2 red snapper come from? Then some beach activities and 6 additional day guests for the BBQ at Chatham on Union Island. A Wally trip to Clifton to the shops while Rosehearty Relocated to Chatham on the West End. A nice anchorage and a great beach. More waterspouts, Sea bobs and paddle boards before a sit down BBQ on the beach under an awning. The guys did a great job... Lunch over and time for a quick afternoon sail. Wally did the beach clean up while we hoisted sail and stood out to sea. An hour later time to tack and head back. Reaching at 12 its in a lovely evening light. Sails down and we ran our day guests back to Palm while Rosehearty relocated to Petit St Vincent or PSV.