1000 down and 3,500 to Go!

We are , frankly enjoying the calm weather so far. The trades are light and from 030. So this is giving us a sailable wind angle just ahead of the beam albeit with light winds around 10 knots. With one engine ticking over to keep the average up we are making a bout 250nm a day and keeping the fuel burn low. We can not motor the whole way in any event.. The Weather is cooler each day and we expect it to get much cooler in the days to come. We have a front due to pass in the next 36 hours and while ,moderate (we hope) it will bring in the colder Southerly winds but again we should be able to continue to motor sail efficiently to the Southeast. This is actually very unusual as 90% of the time the winds here should be 18-20 kts from 120t with a 2m wind wave.. or directly on the nose. Even the large period Southerly Swell of 3m has died off tonight leaving us rolling along gently. A good moon to light the way. We must enjoy this time.. The crew are all doing well and settled in to the routine Brian and I monitoring every weather report and watch following watch. As mentioned we now only have 3,500nm to go. And posting will be difficult. Not even sure how this one got out… But this excellent Photo by John “ dikus” Shearsonreflects the look tonight of sailing in the moonlight

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