The Drake.. 60.00S and 64.00W

Well with 2 reefs in and the staysail out we have made good time. Constant Barometer watching is now the entertainment of the day. We have been fortunate so far with this weather window. The winds on departure were in the 20kts range but from a bit more SSW than we wanted and there was an award East Swell setting against a SW swell making it pretty uncomfortable for a while. The Easterly Swell shows we do not want to travel too fast here and end up on the wrong side of a low (it is 978mb right now here..). So a sedate 10kts is the speed for now.. We soon got into deeper water and the old Easterly swell diminished (it is still present) So the sea is predominantly from the WNW to West at 5m or 18’ Winds are steady at 28-32kts and we even have some sunshine as you can see, between the rain showers and the threat of Fog.

Water temps are now 34f or 1.5c