To Zig or Zag?

As you can all see when you check the Tracker section we are wobbling along out here.

We go from 270T around to 245T compass heading to keep the boat rolling down to as little as possible. But take the room you are in..Lean it over to 20 degrees and then to 20 degrees the other way and do it every 10 seconds.. Then walk around , cook, do laundry and  sleep?

Anyway we are getting used to it now.

We had a fairly good day catching up on Paperwork, Doing Accounts and tidying up after the refit. Sun is getting warmer and we are now in Shorts and the Aircon is back to cooling mode. Temps are 20c as is the water temp. We now have about 1900nm to go.

Photo by Ricardo "The Wall" Pires

Photo by Ricardo "The Wall" Pires