Potter Again

Well the weather did indeed catch up. Right on the forecast from Commanders Weather service. The Winds at 0600 went from N at 15kts to East at 25kts with snow. It has got progressively worse over the last 24 hours while we have been here tucked up in Potter Cove off the Argentine base of Carlini. We have company also. A Chilean Navy vessel 300 meters behind and an Argentine navy Vessel 150m ahead. Nice to see them working together..We took the unusual step of putting down 2 anchors last night with 140m of chain out on each anchor to slow the swing down. We had 35kts with higher gusts but we could not tell how much after a while as our wind gear 60m up the mast.. Froze solid… We had a lot of ice in the rigging and Hard hats are needed to be worn on deck due to falling ice. Snow laid on the deck about 5mm or 1/4” Definately different for us. We did get Guests ashore yesterday to visit the Carlini base where they are doing real research rather than just occupying and being a presence. The highlight is several Humpback whales that swing by rubbing along the hull every so often. They are fantastic to watch, mind you there breath is a bit smelly!!

Whale 1.jpg