Carlini base to Fildes Bay

We moved on the 2nd of January over to Fildes Bay in preparation for meeting our guests on the 4th at the Airport here.

The flights down here are 3 hours long from Punta Arenas and in our case flown on a BAE146 4 engine jet. Everything comes down on the plane, guests, luggage, food , spare parts etc. Because of this There are more boats here picking up and dropping off than we hope to see elsewhere. There are 3 bases here, the Chileans (Fildes) who handle the commercial airport. The Russians ( Bellinghausen) and a Chinese base all here in this bay. Across the bay are the Argentinians at Carlini and the Koreans!! However the special thing here is this Church the Russian Orthodox.. built in Russia and sent down here to be reconstructed. Small but Exquisite..

Photo by Raya Hutchison