Off to the Galapagos. We Go!

We spent the morning and early afternoon scrubbing the bottom of the boat to remove any attached Mollusc’s and weed. We need to have a clean bottom Certificate to enter Galapagos as well as a fumigation certificate. Also what we can bring in as food is very restrictive and We suppose they will take a lot of food away to be destroyed.

We sailed South last evening with lots of commercial traffic and a lot of lightning. The humidity was through the roof. But at that point no rain. However this morning We spent the time running from this chasing squall. It did finally catch us and we have had tropical force rain for about 6 hours now. I think the system center passed behind us moving from North to South. Still very damp out. Seems like we are moving through an ITZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone) area which would make sense as it is drier with a lot less humidity in the Galapagos