New York and the Famous Statue

We pushed on North in the Gulf Stream, At times reaching 17 knots. We were in a race against a Cold Front to Cape Hatteras..We lost… but not by much. 25-30knots of wind against an adverse current of 3 knots in shallow water is not where you want to be. The sea state when we rounded had not had a chance to build to much and we kept up a good speed. The further North we went the better it got. After a rough 12 hours we headed on towards Ambrose Light. Our Pilot boarded there yesterday at 1500 for our run in to NY. The weather was bright and the Sun was out on approach to our berth. Very happy to be alongside after 2400nm in 8 days. All in all a good run. We are even happier today as there is a gale blowing outside and it would be miserable out there to say the least.