Messier Straits Arrival

Messier Straits.
and back in we come. It was a dark night lots of showers but with the staysail out we charged South. racing the wind change after the Frontal passage. We had 90nm to go before we could bear away off the lee shore and We did not feel like hanging out 4 miles offshore. So 13 knots it was on the dial. Inside, especially forwards it was a bit of a rough ride until we got the to PT Raper where we finally got to head off from the wind and seas. 
Dawn comes early here right now..about 4.30 and Sun up at 0530 and right on the nose was the entrance to Canal Messier. We checked in with the Chilean navy on san Pedro Island and we motored South down Messier...

Sunrise - Entering Patagonia.jpg