Seno Iceberg and Tempanos Glacier

We spent the evening behind a small island ..Bahia Tribune… outside the protection it was 25kts to 30kts and yet we were sitting pretty with gusts to 20kts and a flat water. At 0600 we up anchored and headed on out to Seno Iceberg and a Glacier called Tempanos…We arrived there at 0900 and spent an hour before heading South again through English Narrows to Puerto Eden 1 way traffic through there... Patagonia is known for Storms and especially this SW coast. and we are due for a big one tomorrow with gusts to 60 its if we prudence says hang tight and wait for a better option. So we are now safely tucked up in Puerto Eden, which is not quite Eden…. But very pretty. There are 150 people live here. engaged in fishing mainly and everyone seems very happy.