Off Columbia..

Day 3 and we are trundling along. Actually doing about 14 Kts as we are in the middle of the Trans Equatorial Current that is giving us a shove at 1.5 kts..But nothing comes for Free and the seas are quite rough even running downwind at about 12’ or 3.5m. However, it makes for a fast passage. What is of note is the massive and I mean massive ribbons of Sargasso Weed. Miles and miles and miles of it. It can’t be healthy for the Ocean. Seemingly a by product of chemicals leeching in to the waters from Farming in Brazil and other countries.

That said we have been visited a few times by our dolphin friends as they wave ride on our bow wave so they do not seem to mind the weed.

ETA for Panama still 29/4. Lots of shipping traffic starting to pick up. As is the humidity…